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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Operation Red Dragon

Oh no - another appalling EU cartoon.

The Liberal Democrats' group in the European Parliament - ALDE - have produced an online comic strip about the life of an MEP.

It aims to "illustrate the activities and processes of the European Parliament in a more accessible and enjoyable format than studying text books about the EU." It describes what all frustrated MEPs wish they were doing - getting involved in exciting issues of global importance.

"Set in the European Parliament and the fictitious country Fang Dong, “Operation Red Dragon” is the fictional story of Elisa Correr, an MEP who gets embroiled in a risky and fascinating adventure whilst in pursuit of her parliamentary activities."

We recommend that you read the whole thing, but if you're just in it for the laughs you only need to check out the last page.

Basic plot spoiler: heroic MEP takes nasty national governments to task over their dodgy deals with the completely fabricated and evil far-Eastern dictatorship "Fang Dong". A threat is made on her life but she prevails and the story ends with our heroine uttering the immortal line:

"I request that the vote be Deferred and that my report be sent to the Parliamentary Committee until further details of the Council’s proposal are known!" [Cue general rejoicing]

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