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Friday, January 09, 2009

Call yourself a reformist MEP? Then get your finger out

We've managed to get hold of a list of numbers of MEPs from each country and each political group which shows us how many have not yet signed the declaration calling for an end to the wasteful two-seat European Parliament. No names yet, but we'll be sure to post these once we have them. MEPs have until 15 January to sign up.

Numbers that HAVE signed:

By Group

ALDE: 58 out of 100
EPP-ED: 66 out of 288 (shockingly poor - remember, this is where the British Conservatives currently sit)
Greens-EFA: 21 out of 43
GUE-NGL: 7 out of 41
Ind/Dem: 4 out of 22
Non-attached: 7 out of 31
Socialists: 57 out of 217
UEN: 13 out of 43

So less than 23% of EPP-ED members have signed, and only 18% of (UKIP's) Ind/Dem group have. Overall, it's less than 30% of all MEPs, and with only 5 days left to go. This in spite of the fact that more than 1.2 million citizens have signed an online petition calling for the European Parliament to have one seat only.

By Country:

Austria: 3 out of 18
Belgium: 10 out of 24
Bulgaria: 4 out of 18
Cyprus: 1 out of 6
Czech Rep: 6 out of 24
Denmark: 11 out of 14
Estonia: 2 out of 6
Finland: 7 out of 14
France: 0 out of 78 (!!!)
Germany: 15 out of 99
Greece: 4 out of 24
Hungary: 6 out of 24
Ireland: 7 out of 13
Latvia: 4 out of 9
Lithuania: 6 out of 13
Luxembourg: 0 out of 6
Malta: 1 out of 5
Netherlands: 21 out of 27
Poland: 13 out of 54
Portugal: 7 out of 24
Romania: 8 out of 33
Slovakia: 0 out of 14
Slovenia: 4 out of 7
Spain: 6 out of 54
Sweden: 15 out of 19
UK: 51 out of 78

No surprises that the French are the least likely to want to scrap the two-seat Parliament. But it does seem amazing that not even one wants reform.

The Swedes and the Danes meanwhile are topping the table with an excellent sign-up rate so far of nearly 80%. The Brits, on the other hand are languishing behind with only 65% of MEPs bothering to try and stop this farce of moving between Brussels and Strasbourg for a week every month.

Which ones haven't bothered to sign, we wonder? Watch this space - we'll do our best to name and shame.

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