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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MEPs update

Our sources in Strasbourg confirm that all UKIP MEPs have now signed the European Parliament Declaration calling for an end to the 'travelling circus', after Open Europe applied some pressure yesterday. Bravo.

Will the Conservatives follow suit?

And can Richard Corbett convince his fellow European Socialists to follow him and sign?

At least among the UKIP lot there seems to have been some hesitation as a result of a clause in the Declaration that says Strasbourg would be "compensated" for losing its EP building.

Obviously this is not ideal, but OE's view is that this Declaration is better than nothing in terms of its value as a political lever with which to bash the Council. In any case, we don't see anyone putting forward an alternative statement which doesn't mention compensation.

The ultimate decision of whether or not to scrap the second EP seat lies with the member states. But until those MEPs who are ostensibly against the 'travelling circus' show some will to support what small efforts there are to remove it, then citizens are rightly going to begin wondering what exactly they are there for.

Without 393 signatures, the Declaration lapses tomorrow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There are some MEPs, like, I think, Dan Hannan, who have stated that they want to avoid Brussels becoming a mini-European capital and so there should be another Parliament building elsewhere.

However, on your list without the X, there are a number of Tory MEPs who have flown the banner of one seat but have not yet signed.

Looking at Syed Kamall's Parliament page, look at the photo - old perhaps but even still...Jonathan Evans, Bushill-Matthews, Heaton-Harris and Syed himeself are 4 more names that should be signing that declaration!

Good luck with the pressure campaign!