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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tick, tick, tick...

MEPs have two days left to show their colours and sign a Written Declaration being circulated, which calls for an end to the ridiculous and expensive practice of moving the Parliament between Brussels and Strasbourg every month.

Open Europe has published the latest available list of signatures - which shows us which MEPs have (and have not) signed the petition. It dates from last week, when reports said that only 235 out of 785 MEPs had signed it. 393 signatures are needed to make the Declaration an official EP position.

Those who have signed have a cross next to them. As the list is a few days out of date, it is possible that more people may have signed the petition by now. Let's hope so. We have today written to all those MEPs who are yet to sign, urging them to sign up before the Thursday deadline.

After all, while the ultimate decision about whether or not to scrap the second seat must be taken by the member states, if the EP itself took a position in favour then this would send a strong signal to the public that this pointless waste of time and money cannot be allowed to continue.

Fingers' crossed that the petition attracts enough signatures. Watch this space for some naming and shaming when we get hold of the final version towards the end of the week.

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