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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Say what?

This is from yesterday's debate in the House of Commons on the Lisbon Treaty.

The Conservative MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, David Evennett, asked Caroline Flint, Europe Minister:

"Can the Minister confirm categorically that any changes to the Lisbon treaty for any country would mean that the treaty needed to be re-ratified? Would the Government then hold a referendum on this matter?"

Great question - given the fact that the Irish government has promised in no uncertain terms not to put the same question to the Irish people, and yet in reality has no possible means of making any changes to it at all without triggering re-ratification in all the other EU member states - something it clearly has no intention of doing.

Caroline's answer?

"I think that it is dead if people vote against it."

What? If only! Apart from the fact that this clearly doesn't answer the question at all, it's a very strange response from someone who believes very strongly that a Treaty should not be dead if people vote against it - hence her enthusiastic support for its continuous reincarnation following three no votes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Whatever about anything else, the Irish guarentees would not require all member states to re-ratify Lisbon. When the Danes were given their four opt-outs on Maastricht, no further action was required from the other member states.