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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What's at stake?

The European Parliament's office in Ireland has created a website to inform voters - in a nice and neutral fashion - of 'what's at stake' in the European elections in June (yes, we're being sarcastic).

If you really want like to know what's at stake, you'll probably do better reading our recent briefing on the EP.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The European Movement and Euronews collaborate within the project “Questions for Europe” that encourages Parliamentary election candidates to answer questions addressed by citizens via YouTube.

“Questions for Europe” is a channel dedicated to the European elections. From the 4th-7th of June, Europeans will be choosing their new parliament. It will be the biggest transnational vote in history, and you will be given the chance to have your say on the issues that matter. We want to hear what you think: that will be answered by EP election candidates as well as experts and journalists or anyone who wishes to do so in order to put more Europe into the European elections. Euronews will choose some of the most compelling questions and play the answers during Euronews' prime time television broadcasts from now until June 12.

- Submit your videos before the 3rd June to have your say on the European elections

- Browse the gallery to view and respond to videos from other people

- Vote on the big issues! Participate in our opinion poll and watch special coverage of the elections