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Friday, May 15, 2009

More news from Ireland

We've just been alerted to a great new blog from Irish Times journalist Jamie Smyth that will be looking at the EU, the European elections and the progress of the Lisbon Treaty. It should be a great source of information in the run up to the all important second Irish referendum on Lisbon, especially if his post today is anything to go by.

He reveals that EU Information Commissioner Margot Wallstrom is about to sign a €1.6 million contract with public relations company Edelman to sell "Europe" to the Irish people.

He notes that the tender documents for the PR contract "show the PR blitz will be aimed at the three groups who voted en masse against the Lisbon first time around: women; young people and low income families. More than half a million euro will be spent on cinema advertising - so if you are going to see a blockbuster this summer expect to see trendy adverts explaining why Europe is good for you."

Propaganda at its finest.


Anonymous said...

I really hope that the campaign backfires!

EU is such an undemocratic thing. If you don't believe me: why would then the people have to vote one more time?

Vote No!

PS. If the result will be No once again, you could bet that the people would have to vote a third time! Andsoforth...

/The Swede

Anonymous said...

This is just terrible, an Irish majority of people have spoken just because the politicians are so into EU doesn't mean the people will be and they are right not to be happy about the EU because the European parliament has shown time and time again that it cannot be trusted with either power nor the legislation of laws and that its ultimate goal is to strip the European people of their freedom and human rights to become more like china or North-Korea ,in making you vote more than just one time in this matter only shows how far from an medium for free trade and no boarders to a control, power hungry, money driven and corrupt medium it has become. the Irish politicians need to stop eating out of the EU's hand, the Irish Government works for the Irish people not the other way around, so listen because your your employers have spoken! and if the government doesn't listen stop paying your taxes until they do.

/The Anti EU Swede