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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't count those chickens

Reuters has the story that Ireland's largest independent bookies, Boylesport, is already paying out on a Yes vote for the second Lisbon Treaty referendum, to be held on 2 October.

Apparently their spokesman said, "With odds at 1/12 a positive outcome looks like a foregone conclusion at this stage", before adding, "although we do expect it to be tight."

Rival betting company Paddy Power has said they won't be paying out a penny before 2 October, perhaps wary of getting their fingers burned like last year when they paid out more than 180,000 euros to those who had placed Yes wagers, before even a single vote had been counted.

While the Yes side do have a lead in the polls, the latest Millward Brown poll at the weekend shows that 21% of people still say they don't know how they are going to vote, which means there is still time to convince people that the Treaty is a bad deal for Ireland and a bad deal for Europe.
See here to read why http://www.europesaysno.org/


Anonymous said...

i think joe public is reacting more to the negative tone of the No Vote, rather than the truth of the matter.

there's a shrill, fear-mongering tone to the No Vote ieven i don't like.

the No Vote needs sharp, postive messages to blaze alongside their potent No Vote truths. themes like "Vote Freedom, Vote Independance, Vote Liberty, Vote No!" well, someting along those lines anyway...

no matter how truthful and factual the message, maeketing is still a bigger factor when it comes to voting, unfortunately.

Open Europe blog team said...

Yes, agreed.

The central themes should be the issues of trust and democracy. Trust, in that the Irish government promised again and again not to put the same question to the Irish twice (which they are doing), and democracy, because Europe stands to lose so much with this Treaty. Not to mention the fact that the Treaty has already been rejected 3 times and referendums are being ignored.

The Europe Says No website makes all these arguments. What do you think of it?