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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nothing to fear from a 'no' vote

Good piece in the Wall Street Journal today, about how Ireland has nothing to fear from a 'no' vote.

Well worth a read.

1 comment:

smith said...

I think most things have been said. The main argument being that there is a force in the EU which is obsessed with pushing their ‘Vision’ through come hell or high water, and if the Irish don’t get it right, WELL THEY WILL JUST HAVE TO KEEP VOTING UNTIL THEY DO! Who are these people? We never seem to be able to identify them. Is it a secrete club? Is it an EU establishment? There must be some organised group of players who pull the strings. They have always been there. I remember years before there was any vote on the Euro. There was a big secret department in Brussels working on the Euro, they had the designs and systems all worked out years before there was a vote and any agreement made. The question you have to ask is, who set this department up? And who authorised it? And how come this was happening before a ‘yes’ vote was given? I think that tit Delores was involved. .
In other words, there are people in the EU who have their own agenda. They don’t care what you vote, they are convinced they will eventually get their way.

Please Ireland, prove them wrong.