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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Europe Says No

Check out this new pan-European campaign: "Europe Says No: No to Lisbon, Yes to Democracy" - http://www.europesaysno.org/

As well as explaining in detail why the Treaty is so bad for democracy, there's also a place to add your comments, and to show your support by signing up to the Facebook group.

Reading through all the comments, you can see how Charlie McCreevy got the idea that 95% of Europeans would have said 'no' to the Treaty if only they'd be allowed a say on it...


Anonymous said...

The thing is the 95% figure doesn't match up with reality. So far majority of people in Europe who voted for the constitutional/Lisbon treaty voted yes. :-p

Open Europe blog team said...

A majority in 2 countries have voted yes, while a majority in 3 countries have said no.

The rest weren't given a say, but the only independent poll of all 27 member states, taken in 2007, showed that majorities in 16 countries would vote 'no' to a Treaty giving more powers to the EU.

Anonymous said...

Of the Europeans who voted: 27,524,756 Europeans voted yes and 23,531,009 Europeans voted no. Unless my math failed me 27.5 million is higher then 23.5 million.

So the 95% figure, is in fact not true.

Comixarma Kid said...

wonder what the math would be if every european were given an informed and fair vote.

MikeH said...

Anonymous @ 3:44pm - your maths doesn't fail you. It's just your original numbers that are wrong! In any case, if you dispute the 95% figure or even that a majority oppose the Treaty, I suggest you take it up with Commissioner McCreevy who claimed it. What's clear is that enough *countries* have voted 'No' already to by rights have rendered this treaty dead.