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Thursday, May 24, 2012

And the most interesting part of yesterday's EU summit was...

Very little came out of yesterday's informal EU summit, but here's what EU leaders had for dinner (courtesy of La Stampa's Brussels correspondent Marco Zatterin):

Lobster with asparagus
Fillet of John Dory (aka St Peter's Fish) with vegetables
Chocolate mousse

It's interesting because we always wondered what EU leaders actually eat at these summits. In April, a menu from the last meal on the Titanic went for £76,000. Maybe one day the menu from the final summit before the eurozone sank (well we're not there quite yet) will fetch a tidy sum…


Rollo said...

Jaune Doree pour la derniere fois? No more god plated fish. (John Dory is creole for jaune doree)

Rollo said...

sorry, gold plated

christina Speight said...

Rolloo - the connection between St Peter and God is quite close, 'God-plated' makes the deity into a waiter or a chef!

And Open Europe - do get a move on please. "well we're not there quite yet" is really not good enough.

Yolanda Solo said...

I think they should stop having so many meetings and summits, because every time they do, another assumption is made by the press and then blown out of all proportion, the markets go haywire and more crap is piled on the economic crisis bandwagon. A lot of talking (and eating) and a lot of expense at these meetings for very little results.

Rollo said...

Not little results. Big negative results