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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Does European solidarity have a new champion?

Apparently, Cameron told the BBC the following this afternoon:
"I understand Angela Merkel’s difficulties and her political difficulties because the Germans have run their economy very effectively over many years. But it’s their currency, they need their currency to work, so they need to have guarantees from other parts of the eurozone that they’re putting their house in order, but there has to be solidarity as well."
Solidarity? As long as it doesn't involve Britain itself of course. Not. Smart. Politics


Rik said...

Indeed no smart politics.

Anyway looking what is happening as the true successor of the Light Brigade or Gen Custer if you prefer we look to have arrived in the EZ at a 'desperate measures for desperate people' stage where we get:
-Barroso playing his taperecorder about Eurobonds and similar stuff;
-Salvation should come from measures that take years to get approved (add to mandate ECB, bankunion).
Just to name a few.

However most of these will require substantial treaty change. As would a Grexit as the EZ cannot be left without leaving the EU. Bankunion idem dito.

Anyway the treaty will have to be changed and changed considerably. One of the main organisatorial changes will be a new set up for the EZ (to let Greece out (and keep in the EU), but also revised role of the ECB and real leadership and decisionmaking (that decisions can be made for day to day stuff as well and not only about 'high in the sky' stuff that usually can take some time). That EZ can decide without that irritating couple Cameron, Osborne needing to approve things.

In that respect it is simply a very cunning strategy by the UK boys. Do this for 1 or 2 more years and everybody with the EU will be so fed up with them that negotiating a new role for the UK in the EU will be a piece of cake.

Anyway the whole framework most likely will need a considerable revision with the UK having to approve it. The moment to bring other things up.

Rollo said...

What a silly boy. But if your principles add up to trying to say to every party just what that party wants to hear, you are bound to end up on both sides of the same argument; and look a prat. This fool will destroy the conservative party.

christina Speight said...

Cameron's shallowness is a fatal weakness for Britain. I say"fatal" deliberately because we are landed with a totally shallow charlatan as prime minister whose sole aim seems to be to preserve the EU at all costs (so that he can be President?] and keep his status symbols. The man doesn't want a grateful nation to put up a statue to him in Westminster he wants the corrupt EU politicos to place it in Brussels.

We ought to ger out NOW - before the coming crash.

christhai said...

I am a Conservative, a real one, not like Cameron and his ilk who seem stuck somewhere between Left of Left of Centre Left and Anorak Liberalism.

The Conservative Party has destroyed itself. One could argue that Cameron did this himself - but no it was a team effort with a lot of silly input from Tory HQ.

The 2015 Election or earlier WILL be the Referendum denied the British people. On that platform the Conservative Pro-Brussels party will get hammered - horrifically by Labour. Brown lost the Election for Labour - even an idiot could have won the last Election.

and then came along Cameron - and lost it. Unbelievable.

Rollo said...

Hai, Christ. Good to hear from you after all this time.