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Friday, June 29, 2012

Italy's "Up yours Delors" moment?

A bit rude, but just to show how high tensions in the eurozone run - add football to the mix and feelings boil over.

This is the front page of today's edition of Italian daily Libero (centre-right, politically very close to Silvio Berlusconi).

For those not familiar with Italian language, 'VaffanMerkel' is a fusion of the name of the German Chancellor and the Italian equivalent of f*** off.

Makes "Up Yours Delors" - the Sun's famous headline from the 1990s - look polite...


Rollo said...

Who could tolerate the Germans laying down Delors? But it is not the Germans but the EU that is to blame.

Average Englishman said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Trust a Berlusconi rag to be coarse. Was astonished to see il Giornale's headline even coarser then remembered it also belongs to that unspeakable individual.