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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quotes of the Crisis

The eurozone crisis can't be accused of one thing - providing good quotes from politicians or commentators, most notably some of the comments from Slovakian MPs when that country was debating whether to approve an extension of the EFSF.

This morning as part of our daily look through the European press we found another couple of examples that we thought were worth sharing with a wider audience.

Firstly, in the IHT, we have the ever outspoken Hans Werner Sinn, President of the IFO Institute, rebuking US politicians including President Obama for their stance during the crisis:
“Some critics have argued that Germany, having benefited from the Marshall Plan, now owes it to Europe to undertake a similar rescue. Those critics should look at the numbers…Greece has received a staggering 115 Marshall plans, 29 from Germany alone, and yet the situation has not improved. Why is that not enough, Mr Obama?”
Secondly, we have Alexander Dobrindt, the General Secretary of the CSU lambasting the leadership of the opposition SPD for travelling to Paris to meet with French President Francois Hollane in order to discuss a common approach to the eurozone crisis, who said that:
"This grotesque pilgrimage is certainly not the German interests, but at most in that of the Socialist International.”

1 comment:

charles@blankart.net said...

Two more quotes:

"Europe's civilization has started with Greece and will end with Greece."

J.M. Keynes modified:
"In the long run we are all Greeks"

(Charles B. Blankart, Humboldt University Berlin charles@blankart.net)