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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is the EU really like 27 garden gnomes?

We've been making a concerted effort here on the OE blog to bring you many of the more memorable quotes from the eurozone crisis, and we've had at least one more following a debate in the German Bundestag ahead of tomorrow's European Council summit.

As expected there was a lot of anxiety about potential debt pooling. From CSU MP Gerda Hasselfeldt, for example, who said that calls for a pooling of liabilities between eurozone members would be:
"a betrayal of German interests... It would not be right for the deposits of German savers to be put at risk from the misconduct of banks in other countries” 
Meanwhile, speaking to journalists before the debate, FDP leader Rainer Brüderle slammed the present state of the EU, claiming that:
"The whole world is laughing its head off over these 27, soon to be 28, garden gnomes that are trying to play global politics but can't even get their own act together."
Brüderle, renowned for his tendency to shoot from the hip, had to row back when asked if he counted Angela Merkel among these gnomes, saying that the comment had not been directed at any one individual.

Combined with Merkel's comments yesterday that there would be no shared total debt liability for as "long as she is alive", the mood in Germany is certainly feisty ahead of tomorrow's summit...


viator said...

I'll go for twelve garden gnomes and fifteen functioning hose bibbs.

Rik said...

29, You missed Barroso and Rompy.
So I would say the headline was clearly incorrect.

christina Speight said...

'Is the EU really like 27 garden gnomes?"

My gnomes are much more intelligent

Rollo said...

So Merkel is dead, is that what you are saying?