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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brown gets it wrong, Cruddas gets it right

Gordon Brown is massively behind in the polls.

But suddenly he is handed a total gift. Irish voters kick out the Treaty of Lisbon.

Surely it's time to take to the airwaves, and say (with a barely surpressed smile) the treaty is dead and its now time to "move on".

That's got to be the right move surely? It's certainly what Tony Blair did after the French and Dutch votes.

But no. Broon dithers. He lets Miliband (17 and three quarters) go on TV instead and say the Government will press on regardless. Doh!

In the distance we hear Andy Coulson and Steve Hilton clinking champagne glasses, and Dave immediately takes to the airwaves to say what everyone is now thinking: Gordon Brown is "arrogant". Tony Blair, watching telly somewhere, laughs so hard that he spills his chablis.

Ughhhhhh. There is a reason this poor guy is 20 points behind in the polls.

And now, as if you needed another reminder that Labour shot itself in the foot last year by turning down the only candidate with any grasp of the real world...

From the Sunday Times:

Jon Cruddas, the Labour MP for Dagenham who came third in last year’s deputy leadership contest, said: “We can’t just press on relentlessly with the treaty and disrespect what the people have said.”

Sorry fellas, you missed yer chance. At this rate you will be able to try again in 2010 though.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brown is "going for broke" as Johann Hari suggested.