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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Liberal Democrats: not democratic

Yesterday Irish voters sent a clear message to Brussels: we won’t be bullied into “ever closer union”.

And if you had any doubts left at all, the reaction from the political elite shows that the Irish people made exactly the right decision.

Since the no vote, Europe’s whole political elite has paraded in front of the cameras to say they won’t listen to Ireland.

Next week at the European Council, a coalition of the small countries: Ireland, the Czech Republic, maybe Denmark and Sweden, will call for the treaty to be dropped. But they will come under intense pressure from the big members to carry on regardless.

Surprisingly perhaps, Britain will be in the bullying posse, calling for the Treaty to go ahead. Having denied the British people a referendum on the text, Gordon Brown is intensely embarrassed by the Irish vote. Like a man caught with his pants down, Brown plans to try and hurry the Treaty through the British Parliament before next Wednesday.

We had a moment of hope last night when Ed Davey appeared on the box to say that Gordon Brown should not go ahead with ratification. But today the Lib Dems are telling journalists that they will, despite this, vote for ratification in the Lords. (which they have the votes to stop)

So there are two possibilities:

1) Nick Clegg is so weak he can't even stand up to an old woman like Shirley Williams

2) Nick Clegg is a deeply unprincipled euro-scumbag who says one thing and does another.

Dear reader - which do you think it is?


Anonymous said...

The answer is option 2. They all really are so barking mad that they think that if they can just create a superstate by stealth the people will come round and drop their objections. Utter lunacy. How long will our political life have to be dominated with this ridiculous shite? We don't want a European state - no-one who doesn't see themselves benefitting financially or with power from it wants it. When can we just get on with running our own country?

Anonymous said...

I'm bloody sick to death of what the PM MP's MEP's want. Hello UK to Parliament - you bloody well work for us, The British People don't want to join the EU Superstate - what is it about NO
NO NO - you miserably fail understand?? I do not/will not
ever trust Liebour/Fibdems again.
Your time is running out guys
2010 you will all be history (history of the worst kind)
Good riddence.