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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ireland are having a referendum...

...so why can't we?

People have been turning up at Irish embassies across Europe to support the no campaign and ask why they are being denied a referendum...

... and to have a few guinesses.

Direct democratic engagment is good for you.


Letters From A Tory said...

"Ireland are having a referendum...
...so why can't we?"

That's a question I've been asking myself and asking lots of other people for quite some time, and no-one on the face of this planet has yet provided a satisfactory answer.

Anonymous said...

Here is the answer. Nu Labour want to force us further into an unelected EU state. 'Dave' and the the Tories want the same, so vote UKIP for the answer and get out of this soviet-style political construct.

Anonymous said...

Of course Britain should have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty! The only people in Britain who don't agree are Gorgon Brown & his government of LIARS. And they have LIED, & LIED, & LIED to avoid giving the BRitish people what they want - ie a REFERENDUM on this treaty. Their collapse in the polls has all stemmed from their refusal to give their fellow British citizens this referendum, & accompanied by all their LIES to justify this very undemocratic behaviour.

No one wants to vote for LIARS, & no one trusts their taxes to LIARS. So, if Gorgon Brown wants British people to vote for him again, all he has to do is to stop LIEING, & give us all REFERENDUM on the Lisbon Treaty.

Quite simple, really! Let's hope he & his Cabinet are not so stupid that they can't see that!

Geraldine said...

Hi Everyone.

I'm from Ireland and can answer why we are allowed to have a referendum.

The basic answer is because its written into our constitution and any changes must be put to a public vote.

The legal reason being:

A 1987 decision of the Supreme Court established that ratification by Ireland of any significant amendment to the Treaties of European Union requires an amendment to the Constitution of Ireland. All Constitutional amendments require approval by referendum.

I hope that explains the reason we can vote. All I can say is thankfully it is put to a vote. I vote NO.


Anonymous said...

Great Info on the EU/NAU/NWO to be found on this Radio station, if you find it usefull, interesting, please say so, forward the link to get the word out there and in the Public conciousness.