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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

dancing on the volcano?

The Telegraph blogs about our new poll.

Will the madmen in charge blow up the EU by pressing ahead regardless?

If the EU is given control over more and more controversial issues (like defence, or migration) but has little (and perhaps declining) legitimacy, then isn't it doomed to buckle at some point?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It should buckle but the question is when and how? USSR buckled only after many decades having bled the countries dry, removed all human rights and punished the dissenters. The end game for us is surely the same with ever-increasing taxes, provinces meekly incorporating corpus juris (totally alien to this country)thereby introducing trial without jury, guilty before being proven innocent .. etc and given the nature of the continental system having prescriptive laws (EVERYTHING they can think of is legislated unlike the UK system which sensibly evolves through precedence) tying everyone up in knots so we all become criminals. I read that the UK Home Office has to liaise with the US on many a UK traveller's plans to visit the US now due to so many people having criminal records because of 'leaving the bin lid open' etc. When our country implements irrational EU laws and then tries to have them make sense it leads the madhouse we find ourselves in. Next stage bankrupcy through high taxes, civil revolt .. and then the EU armed police come in to round people up. You won't even be able to leave the country because of your 'criminal record'. Let's stop it now and re-direct the EU into something more favourable to its citizens before the buckling leads to a new USSR.