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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The voice of the political elite

We get some interesting responses to our emails to MPs and Lords.

People who have a vote on legislation (even if they were never elected) don't seem too keen to let the rest of us have a vote....

From: Lord Stone

The government was elected to decide these complicated things for them

And without wishing to be dismissive

I’m sorry I shouldn’t have replied t your first email

As I can’t spend my time on all these blogs


I will vote to complete the long passage of this thing on Wednesday

No I don’t believe in Government by referendum

Enjoy the day


From: Jim Hood MP

The sovereignty of the British Parliament demands that the UK supports the decision of its own Parliament not the decisions of others

Interesting to note that Open Europe does not support the right of the UK Parliament to legislate for the UK.

Jim Hood MP

Yeah nice one Jimmy. You've got us there.

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