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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brussels *hearts* Gordon

Gordon Brown is being (metaphorically) patted on the back by everyone in Brussels.

It must be nice to be somewhere people like you.

The Times say the Irish government will be given four months till October to sign up to a deal, before a second referendum. It's so depressing.

On a happier note, we have spent the day sending a message to the euro-establishment.

And plenty of journalists ventured out from behind the barbed wire (which is everywhere) to come and say hello.


Anonymous said...

More a case of what part of NO do you not understand

Anonymous said...

Well done, at least the Irish can see what this vote means, but we have been denied the vote.

Anonymous said...

The UK is walking blindfold into a Stalinist/Fascist super state that we have no say in.

Debate in the undemocratic EU parliament, an MEP gets 90 seconds to talk on what could be life changing motions.

The likes of Barroso have not been voted into power, yet they are telling us what we should do.

The whole sham that is the EU, is nothing but a giant con trick to line the pockets of the nose in trough people who a leaching money out of our pockets on a daily basis.

These people have no idea what the word democracy means, and the people of Germany can't even have a referendum because of an old law that say their government knows what's best. They treat them as if they are little children.

While Brown is lying his way across the EU and being called a hero.

The problem is we are losing millions of pounds every day to the cash making machine in Belgium and we get back next to nothing. It costs us as a nation to sell to the rest of the EU.

Every time we sell something to another EU State, due to the amount of money the EU is leaching from us, we, in fact, are paying more that we are getting back for the goods.

It's a giant rip off and Gordon "Not So Prudent" Brown is so stupid that he can't see it.

UK Limited is being drained of money to prop up failed and failing governments in the rest of the EU and we are being taxed and taxed again to provide the funds.

We need to get out of this money grubbing club while we still can. Very soon we will have no Parliament in the UK and the EU will rule every move we make.

Wake up people it's your money and your life. Don't believe the pro EU people they are as blind as the idiots that lead them.

Anonymous said...

The EU is just about as undemocratic as Robert Mugaba....God help us!!!
Why would anybody want to belong to a regime which is so corrupt and dishonest.

Anonymous said...

That son of the manse is caught in a trance and lies down where the lies come easily.

Darcie said...


Anonymous said...

Ireland had a referendum and voted 'NO'. Zimbabwe had an election and voted for a new MDC President. What are the similarities. The EU do not like the outcome of the Irish NO vote, and Mugabwe does not not accept the Election result. All the Heads of the EU countries intend to ignore the Irish vote, and Mugabwe ignores the result of their Election. Both are calling for further elections. Both Mugabwe and the EU Heads of State and Brussels are guilty of Brow beating the electorates concerned.
What is the difference other than bloodshed and physical violence!

Anonymous said...

Just say No.

Anonymous said...

The unelected Prime Minister continues to ignore Public Intent on this vital issue. He continues to defy the NATION get the bloody man out or get him elected and the public on his side.

Brownbread said...

Should the surrender of British sovereignty to the EU be construed as treason? If so, rather than blogging about it what are you actually going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

We are heading towards a dictatorship state. I am with the Irish give us the vote too

Anonymous said...

It may be a minority view here, but I am actually in favour of European co-operation. That is why I find the antics in the council so depressing. Why should anyone accept such a fudge and fix?

What I want is the advocates of European co-operation to be honest about it. They should suggest what they want, and if they don't get a majority in all countries than they should try again with a different proposal. That may seem slower, but it is a much surer way of building genuine support for Europe.

Anonymous said...

the eec was "sold" to us on a lie, it became the ec overnight, transformed into the eu after yet another night. we were lied to all through these times. why be so surprised now? unelected, undemocratic, unaccountable. what's the problem? we should be out NOW!

Anonymous said...

The police state that Britian has drifted into over the last 10yrs is bad enough (people snooping in your rubbish, cctv, money generating parking tyrants, councils using terror laws on its own citizens, and the big one to come ID CARDS)now put all that power in the hands of unelected brussels mandarins, our parents and grandparents fight for freedom was sadly in vein.
p.s Don't let them kid you we live in a democracy, we live in a state of spin and coercion supported by the media, but the irish seen through that.

Anonymous said...

Ok so they couldn't beat us in a world war, do they really think that when all is said and done that the english people will just lay down and let europe walk all over us.... We were supposed to be a part of europe for good trade reasons, NOT so that they could walk all over us and rule us by the back door. Anyone out there who could set up an independent referendum for the English people to vote on please do so, you will deffinately get a NO vote from me.....!

Anonymous said...

I am German born, naturalized British citizen for more than 20 years, presently working in Germany. I am looking forward to my contract here to run out, so I can get our of Europe again in May 2009 and back to England. England should do the same:GET OUT OF THE EU!

I have known it before and I find it more and more confirmed that there is no democracy in Europe. The German citizens don't even know what democracy means, but they think they've got one!

Let's get our of this club asap and have a referendum. Berti G.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there are no EU officials in Brussels who read or understand history. If they did, they would realise what happens to empire builders who press on and on with what they want, while giving themselves more and more powers, without accountability or even the slightest consideration or respect for the views of those people over whom they presume to rule.

While they squander our hard earned taxes at will, the unelected employees of the European Commission have clearly never paused to reflect on the real causes Fall of the Roman Empire - or the collapse of USSR -but there are striking similarities between these monster regimes and the EU. Taxation without representation and the mis-appropriation of other wealth and powers, are obvious injustices which we all understand and object to. We should never forget that these faults are common to nearly all major collapsed regimes in history. Similarly, mismanagement and corruption runs like a sickness through the EU quagmire and the more the EU grows, the greater this sickness will become. But worst of all, is the complete absence of respect for democracy and the Orwellian doublethink now promulgated by Brussels: i.e. that Yes may be changed to No by the stoke of a Brussels pen.

As a result of this breath-taking arrogance, the EU is now being publicly compared to the Regime in Zimbabwe - and rightly so. How ironic that a wealthy country once part of the British Commonwealth should have turned into a third world country, its citizens robbed, beaten and murdered - and whose surviors are totally impoverished while under the control of the despot Mugabe and his henchmen who have plundered billions from their so-called electorate.

What would the people of Zimbabwe not give now, for the return of the British, for a democratic rule of law with a trusted judicary to support it, for British schools, medicine and the once familiar sight of a British-trained policeman?

With any regime, the rot starts at the top and works its way down. The European Commission and the leaders of the European Union and it spineless Parliament are no exception. Its unaccountability, its lies and spin know no bounds and years into its existence, the Commission remains completely unable to produce a set of accounts demonstrating where our hard earned money has gone. Those in charge of EU spending deserve to be arrested - and in any commercial organisation, they would be.

Our unelected Prime Minister, who has chosen to ignore his party's manifesto promise on a referendum, was the first person to ring the French President and tell him that the Irish No vote did not matter. Not only that, he offered his unstinting support to drive the EU Treaty forward, regardless of the wishes of the British people.

Gordon Brown became a laughing stock when he declined to hold an election - ostensibly because he thought he would win it and because he would fight only one election - (actually, Mr Brown, we could have told you that). But the situation has gone beyond a joke.

Mr Brown's excuses for not holding a referendum are just as ridiculous as his failure to hold an election. The truth is that he couldn't win either. In short, he wants power without a mandate - just like his cronies in Brussels. He is robbing us of our democracy, just as surely as Mugabe has robbed the people of Zimbabwe. The theft by Brussels of billions of British pounds is already well underway.

Mr Brown has no mandate from the British people to give away more powers to Brussels. The British people do not want it.

What is needed now is an urgent vote of no confidence in the House of Commons, if we are to avoid potentially irreversible democratic and financial damage to our country. Mr Brown, get out.1 You are a national disgrace and your country does not want you.

June Hamilton

Anonymous said...

If the Irish are forced to vote again the result i am convinced will be the same again,making an even bigger mockery of the e,u.

Anonymous said...

The reaction of Brown and other European leaders show us and anyone who claims not to know much about 'Europe' all we/they need to know - we already knew/know how corrupt and wasteful the EU are - now they have demonstrated, unequivocally, something possibly worse: completely undemocratic and consequently, dangerous.

We need a decent opposition, even David Cameron, to take this by the scruff of the neck, to put forward a vote of no confidence in worse than useless New Labour, force a general election and pull out of this circus, once and for all.

Jill Lesley, a staunch anti-EU, pro-democracy and UK citizen

Anonymous said...

Send an email to the Czech Prime Minister who is the only European leader saying the Lisbon Treaty is now dead.

Tell him how we all support his view.


Let him know he is not alone

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jill,Let DEMOCRACY force Brown and his bombers out of office before DICTATORSHIP fully rules once our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

How nice for Incapability Brown that he's loved by the EU - since most of the UK voters hate his guts for his lies, his incompetance & his totalitarian aims.

Anonymous said...

My comments here

Anonymous said...

What trust can we have in leaders of EU countries who have ratified the Lisbon Treaty or will eventually do so - NONE WHATSOEVER

Gordon Brown is only trading on the apathy of the electorate. He does not know the meaning of the word DEMOCRACY let alone practice it!! Isn't it time we give him a wake up call? But how do you do that to someone who doesn't want to hear?

C J Wirral

Anonymous said...

What better example can there be of how the EU consider democracy or minority interest.jmveb

Anonymous said...

sadly I agree with most of the above comments, and I had thought myself that this handing over of sovereignty could be equated with a form of treason, are there no barristers out there that actually have any morals whatsoever, is the beating heart of this country really so dead? It feels like we are on the brink of what must have happened in France a long time ago when the french people also stood up against injustice.

Anonymous said...

We have one last chance for democracy to solve this problem. If after next years European Elections the majority of British MEP,s are from UKIP but we are still refused a referendum then it would be democratically legitimate to start assassinating prominent pro-Europeans, all the big wars in Europe were caused by undemocratic forces trying to unite Europe such as Napoleon and Hitler. The last thing our political masters want is a conscientious political martyr in a high profile court case ending in imprisonment for killing those who refuse a democratic vote. I think you should be prepared to fight for democracy. I want Direct Democracy were the people can vote directly on Bills in Parliament using modern technology, just as you can vote off someone from Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the authorities, especially the EU which prob has its spies, has a pretty good idea of the names of the anti EU folk. History shows that dictators, (& the EU is one of these) ultimately endeavour to retain their powers by physical force. In the case of Mugabe about 80 persons actually assassinated within the last week or so.
I see many of the bloggers here are afraid to put their names and I wonder if there is a fear that if/when civil war breaks out between the democrats and the EU dictators that they will be rounded up and . . . .well, it was arrows, then it was the guillotine then in the last century it was a firing squad. Of course, that's if you end up on the losing side. I think the democrats will win so I'm saying who I am!