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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Austrians to get a referendum?

A post on Irish Election notes that Europe and the referendum could become a big issue in the Austrian election in September. Could that throw up another speed bump for the seemingly undead treaty?

Probably not. The Socialists' flirtation with a referendum has a tactical whiff about it. If they get in Hannan's law will kick in and they will drop the idea.

But here's where the parties stand anyway, according to the Irish Election post:

Conservatives: We don’t need any referendum, the national parliaments were elected, so they shall deal with Lisbon. Pro EU.

The Greens: Not supporting a national referendum, but a EU-wide referendum. Pro EU.

Social Democrats: Formerly same position as Conservatives. Now supporting a national referendum in case of major changes on Lisbon or a new contract. Still, Pro EU.

FPOE: Strongly longing for a national referendum. Contra EU.

BZOE (”Alliance for the future of Austria”, Haider/Westenthaler): Strongly longing for a national referendum. Contra EU. This party emerged from a Haider-powered FPOE split-off in 2005.

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