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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

vacuous vacuous vacuous

Uh oh. It looks like the FCO have allowed Miliband to write his own blog again.

I think the ones he writes are the ones in CAPITALS (for easy reading?)

Anyway, this priceless gem from the Miliblog:

"You can't be a global hub unless you make the most of being a mirror to the world."


Not another pseudo-profound milibuzzword. We already have:

"Global hub"
"Civilian Surge"
"New Agenda vs Old Agenda"
"Carbon Credit Card"
"Second Wing of the Plane"

All of which are utterly utterly meaningless. Perhaps he thinks that running the FCO is like running an early 1990's think tank. You just come up with some breathless new buzzword and - hey presto, job done.

Good thing this guy isn't in charge of winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, stopping the Iranians getting a nuclear bomb and managing rising China and a newly aggressive Russia - eh?

(Less intemperate posting later -Ed).

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