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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"There is collective remorse in Ireland" says PR man

Unintentionally funny interview with some Northern Irish PR man on how to win the second referendum in Ireland.

He says the answer is more PR spending and more mudslinging at the no camp. Oh - and to make it an in-or-out vote.

Q: In your articles you advocate simple questions for referenda. If there is a re-run of the Lisbon Treaty referendum, the question asked will in fact be very simple: does Ireland want to remain part of the EU?

A: That is easier for the campaigners, because it really simplifies the question. It's a legitimate simplification, without banalisation.

He also suggests that there is collective remorse in Ireland about the decision. The evidence for this is..?

The Commission-funded newswire Euractiv (even the name is annoying) ask him some other pretty tough questions. 'Ferinstance:

What about the lies by the 'no' camp?

Gee, that's hardball. Whoa there, tiger.

Alternatively, what about this question: "What kind of crazy PR crack are you smoking that makes you think you can ignore and belittle the democratic vote of an entire country?

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