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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Second referendum? Don't go there

We've commissioned the leading Irish pollsters Red C to look at how people in Ireland feel about the idea of a second referendum

It looks like they would be made to force a second vote. The key numeros are below:

- 71% oppose a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Only 24% are in favour.

- Of those who expressed an opinion, 62% said they would vote "no" in a second referendum, compared to 38% who would vote "yes".

- 17% of those who voted "yes" in the recent referendum would vote "no" in a second referendum, while only 6% of those who voted "no" would now vote "yes". Perhaps most significantly of all, those who did not vote last time would vote more than two-to-one against in a second referendum: 57% would vote "no" and 26% would vote "yes".

- 67% agreed with the statement that "politicians in Europe do not respect Ireland's no vote". Only 28% disagreed.

- 61% disagreed with the statement that "If all of the other 26 EU countries ratify the Treaty in their parliaments then Ireland has to change its mind and support the Treaty." Only 32% agreed.

- 53% said they would be less likely to vote for Brian Cowen at the next election if he called a second referendum. In particular, 43% of Fianna Fail voters said they would be less likely to vote for him.

The full results of the poll are available at:


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