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Thursday, July 03, 2008

richard corbett - letter spammer

Richard Corbett is a cheeky monkey.

He seems to have a written the exact same letter to a whole bunch of different papers.

The identical letter below appeared in, amongst others:

The Daily Telegraph
The Daily Mail
The Yorkshire Post
The Northern Echo
Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph
Huddersfield Daily Examiner
The Grimsby Evening Telegraph
Halifax Evening Courier

I feel I must comment on the reactions to the Irish "no" vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

Of course, the Irish result must be respected, but so should the results of the ratification procedures of every member country....

It is inconceivable that the other 26 member states will simply say "oh well, one country has said 'no', so let's forget about reforming the EU and leave it as it is for evermore".

We need to find a solution acceptable to all 27 member states, including Ireland. This means Ireland must have a profound internal debate to identify precisely what it is it doesn't like about the current reform package. By listening to Irish concerns, all countries can seek a compromise that will address those concerns, as well as respecting the other 26 countries that were happy with the Lisbon Treaty.

The reality is the EU needs to reform to make it more democratic and more efficient, and Eurosceptics should be the first to admit that. The Lisbon Treaty attempts to do just that. It is therefore vital we address Irish concerns to carry on the reform.

Richard Corbett, Labour MEP for Yorkshire and Humber.


Simon said...

and to think the a&^%wipe used to be my local MP once.

When will he get it into his head that "the other 26 countries that were happy with the Lisbon Treaty" is a blatant lie. We are NOT happy, we were just denied the opportunity to say so (again).

The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

A little true or false quiz.....

a)"The reality is the EU needs to reform to make it more democratic and more efficient" - true or false?

b)"The Lisbon Treaty attempts to do just that" - true or false?

No prizes.

Open Europe blog team said...

Not quite sure what the point of the "little quiz" is? Can you clarify?

Clearly the EU is a democratic black hole - and the behaviour of the europhiles since the no vote shows that. So the answer to the first question is yes.

The EU Constitution / "Lisbon Treaty" moves the EU even further away from democracy by transferring further powers to the failing structure.

It means more of the things people object to: more majority voting, a new voting syste which makes it harder to block legislation, and far greater powers for the ECJ in new fields like home affairs (which even the UK Government previously described as a significant transfer of sovereignty).

Crucially it's also the first self-amending treaty - so there would be no need for further treaties or referendums, thus taking away the one remaining element of democratic accountability in the system.

There was a lot of balls spouted by europhiles about how it would mean "more power for national parliaments." (ha ha)

If you read our "guide to the Constitution" you can see why we think that the proposal was a total joke..

Euan said...

He sadly completely misses the point.

We respect the Irish No, because that was a result of actually consulting the Irish people.

Why on earth we should equally respect the various craven and cowardly 'Yes' ratifications from other countries, when we know perfectly well that politicians have denied their electorates a vote because they know full well the answer would be 'no'?

The correct conclusion is "oh well, clearly the guddle of a treaty we came up with isn't remotely what people want - let's listen and then try again to come up with something that's actually wanted".