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Friday, July 18, 2008

A lecture in Europe

Disconcerting news from Agence Europe: apparently the French EU Presidency are planning to create a “University of Europe” in... you guessed it... Strasbourg.

Separate to the other controversial idea for a European Institute of Technology, this one would be “run by the European Commission” (!), and would “have its own European vision, offering training in the history of Europe and the European spirit. "

Apparently, "The idea reunites three fundamental principles: the spirit of Europe, Europe's place in international competition and building a Europe of Knowledge. It would target adults with significant professional experience who are looking to get re-trained or deepen their knowledge, or for students wanting to understand the history of Europe and the European spirit.”

In other words, the plan is to brainwash train future generations of EU bureaucrats in the ‘benefits’ of EU integration. And all this with the help of EU grants and/or grants from member states. As we’ve said before, surely a more sensible use of taxpayers' money would be to spend it improving the universities we already have?

1 comment:

John McClane said...

Europe has no vision, Europe has no spirit, Europe has no knowledge. Loads of history though.