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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Old Tory poster shock

Having a look at the amazing Oxford archive of old Tory posters.

It's fair to say that their line on the EU has moved on at least a bit over the years.

These two are for the euro elections of 1984.

And this number is from the 1992 Election. The only difference from today's Government line is that now they say three million jobs are at risk rather than two and a half.

By 1997 things had changed...

Which is (basically) where they are now. The challenge for them now is to move the policy on and come up with an equivalently good encapsulation.

PS - there are also some groovy posters for MEPs.

Newton Dunn (now a lib dem) has been at it since 1979.

And how about Robert Atkins' poster from his 'run' for a seat in the 1974 General Election:

Groovy! Didn't that little runner logo used to be on packets of 80s dextro energy sweets?

In fact is it running or falling over? You decide.

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