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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Is it too early...

...to say that Sarkozy is going to be a massive disappointment as French President?

Watching the footage of him on Newsnight last night - totally pissed after his meeting with Putin - you do have to wonder. Would you drink heavily in a meeting with someone like Putin? And then give a press conference?

From Newsnight

The French papers already seem a little tired of him buzzing around like a wasp but not achieving anything.

He is in danger of turning into Bettino Craxi, the 1980s Italian PM, whose "decisionismo" style ultimately failed to mask a yawning lack of substance.

Craxi's time ended in a welter of chaos, debt, and corruption. Sarko isn't that bad.

It is tempting to say that he is all style and no substance. But when it comes to world trade, enlargement, or the future of the EU he is a genuine menace.

The little fella is certainly entertaining to watch. But when he wants to shaft people in the developing world for reasons which are utterly short-sighted (newsflash: trade is good for your economy) then he isn't so funny any more.

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