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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How times change


"Galileo remains a civil programme under civil control. This has repeatedly been confirmed by the EU Transport Council; most recently in its October 2006 Council Conclusions."

- Stephen Ladyman, then UK Transport minister, last year


"The European Parliament in Strasbourg approved by 502 votes to 83 the military use of the European Union's Galileo satellite."

- Report from Deutsche Welle

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a con! First, we were told that the Galileo satellite system would be for civilian use only, despite many people's reservations whether it was necessary even for that as the US GPS system already exists & works perfectly satisfactorily.

Now we find out that Galileo is to be of military use as well. If so, I hope its military applications will be fully integrated into NATO!

More likely, all the EU member states will now be paying for the French to have a ballistic missile targeting system that can't be interfered with by the US - as theoretically it could be now when using the US' GPS system. As always, the EU exists primarily for France's benefit, with the rest of us paying for France's absurd nationalistic ambitions!

Scrap Galileo, I say, & throw France out of the EU! NOW!