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Monday, July 07, 2008

Update !

An instant reaction to our earlier post on the var!ous exclamat!ons of the the European Commission's new blogger.

The ! count seems to have dropped off a bit now ...

But the arguments... well, see for yourself.

I also followed up a comment written on Mark Mardell’s blog about the healthcare plans, when someone wrote that “Not once in their 50-year history has the EU Commission ever proposed to return a power previously acquired by them back to the democratic arena of the nation-state”. Not true. The marketing standards for fruit and veg is a recent example.

Oh great, the European Commission are now employing someone full time at taxpayers' expense to leave annoying comments on blogs.

Gee thanks. Can we have our money back now please?

Beware: Astroturfing in progress

Also - hmmm, looking at it, actually it is true. The EU certainly isn't giving away the power to regulate the shape of fruit and veg. It is "allowing" member states to sell some veg which don't meet certain standards. Cheers, oh wonderful and all-knowing EU.

Oh, and if knobbly cucumbers is the best example you can think of where powers have been handed back to the Member States then... !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the recent repeal of the knots-in-wood directive!!! A very important power devolved back to national parliaments!!!